The Tribal Vibe Summer Festival 2024

It’s time for The Tribal Vibe Summer Festival 2024

An annual gathering of tribal connections and intimacy, our The Tribal Vibe Summer Festival is a cherished tradition for many people. Our festival goes beyond tantra or personal development. We emphasize the tribe’s essence and nourish the fellowship and care for each other – all while enjoying deep, wild, fun, laid-back etc etc workshops.

Come on your own – don’t worry about it! Within the first hour we help you to engage with people, getting to know them, laugh with them and build sweet memories right away. We provide you with tools to have safe, authentic and caring interactions.

As you explore deeply personal topics at our festival, you’re held by the embrace of your tribe. Using our essential “Getting the Vibe” workshop, we create a safe haven within a robust tribe that fosters healthy boundaries. The smaller, close-knit family clan here also keeps you connected on a daily basis.

We aim to provide a soft and secure cocoon for you to delve into self-discovery, connection with others, and the profound experience of life on Earth. We carefully create a progressing flow for the personal as well as tribal development.

With +55 workshops to choose from, each touching on different facets of our theme “Rediscover Eden,” you’ll have a treasure of choices tailored to your energy and preferences. Whether you’re seeking high-intensity experiences or quiet moments of reflection, our diverse workshops ensure there’s something for everyone.

YOU get: Delicious and nourishing food and a spot for your tent are included in the ticket. Choose between 5, 6, 7 or 8 days.

You may also choose to book a bed in the dormitory, double or single room.

Join us this year as we gather approximately 150 souls at the serene “Himmelbjerggaarden” in Jutland, Denmark.

Let’s embark on a journey of rediscovery together!

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