Aflyst – Winter Intensive ReTreat 22-24 januar 2021

Winter is coming…

We are inviting you to a weekend of the heart warm, juicy and cuddling kind.

The Valhalla Tribe is calling you in for a weekend of the heart warm, juicy and cuddling kind.While last summer’s Tribal Vibe Experience was about the journey into consciousness, authenticity and courage, the upcoming WINTER INTENSIVE ReTREAT is all about the body, surrender to nurture in softness & sensuality. This is embodiment of bliss in the unique community of the Tribal Vibe.

Think “Vikings” – the rites of Valhalla, her warriors and shamans form the framework for the softest and most sensual universe. Experience the nurturing sense of belonging when you are part of a tribe – The Valhalla Tribe. 

Think of wolves and bears cuddled up at winter during hibernation. That soft place between sleep and being awake, between dream and reality – that’s where we will be together a tribe

Mornings begin with the gathering for Morning Rituals by the bonfire and Morning Movement/Meditation followed by Breakfast. 
The clans meet before The first Workshop of the day. 
After Lunch and a little break: The second Workshop. 
After Dinner: The Evening Ceremony 

Here are some of the elements and themes you will enjoy in the Workshops:
Sacred Touch, Tantra, Extasy of slowing down, Dark Feminin/Masculin sexual energy, Surrender to the Loving Embrace (ropes), Wheel of Consent, , Orgasmic Breathwork, The Wisdom of the Body, Dance in Trance and much more…

You will be part of a clan of a maximum of 10 people who will meet you every day to support and play with you throughout the weekend.There will be shamans / facilitators from Denmark & Sweden.

At the Winter Intensive ReTREAT you will meet:

Andrea Figueroa, Anette Maria Nilsson Pavlovic, Maiken Weishaupt, Tine Huge, Steven Wensley, Falcon Ener Kise & Signe Vandrup Bentzen.

Delicious vegetarian food is included and prepared with a lot of love. If you have any dietary needs or intolerances please let us know in advance.

We can’t wait to BE with you, 
Steven & Signe (The Tribal Vibe)

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