Conscious Dating, special edition: The Slow & Gentle Touch

This special slow and gentle touch version of our Conscious Dating events is for people who are curious about relating with others in a less verbal, more physical way. We are going slow to be sure that we all feel safe in our own bodies and then moving into relating to others. You will meet most of the participants in small exercises that are designed to create authenticity and presence. What will happen? We set off with our own bodies making sure we leave the outside world behind and truly become present with mindfulness. We move into fun, and often, […]

Conscious Dating

Flow & Grow in the Dark 17-19. Januar 2020

Flow & Grow IN THE DARK January 17-19, 2020. We’re just saying it … it will get intense, juicy and deep in the dark. And it won’t be for novices either. And it will be mostly in English. This event, unlike the Flow & Grow festival (which is held in the summer), calls for experienced and resilient participants and will include nudity and sexual activities to varying degrees. After you have paid the deposit you will be contacted by a team member, before you are might complete the purchase and secure a ticket to the event. This is to make […]

Bevidste Relationer I

18-21. juni 2020 Bevidste Relationer – en træning for kvinder, mænd og par i de svenske skove med Jesper Westmark og Signe V. Bentzen. Tag med på denne træning i bevidsthed, balance og i dynamisk polaritet og kommunikation. I den bevidste relation mærker du dig selv, din krop, dine følelser, dine ønsker, behov, grænser og derfor kan du indgå en dyb og bevidst relation med en partner. I det bevidste parforhold kan du skabe ro og centrering i dig selv, så du kan mærke egen lyst og grænser og klart og kærligt kan kommunikere dem til en partner, der møder […]

Signe V. Bentzen i Sjövik